Why People Resist Change

                                     WHY PEOPLE RESIST CHANGE

Surprise – they have had little or no time to prepare for the change.

Loss of Control – they have had no power over decisions that impact them, they may become over-controlling in an effort to grasp onto something they can control…their refusal to adapt to the change.

Uncertainty – not knowing what the change will mean.

Self doubt and fear of failure – can I do this?  Do I have the skills?

Disruption of routine – routine breeds comfort.  Before, tasks were performed effortlessly and effort-free.

Increased workload – change often requires more energy, more time, more work.

No Obvious Need – we sometimes only see the impact on us personally and not the positive impact on the organization as a whole.

Fear of the Unknown – Fear of the unfamiliar.  Not knowing all the specifics about the impending change can create fear.  They may need improved, but will this change help or make it worse?

                                  ASSESS RESISTANCE TO CHANGE

               CAN’T DO:

Is it due to lack of knowledge?

Is it due to lack of skill?

Is it due to insufficient information, support, or coaching?

Are the job requirements too difficult?

              WON’T DO:

Will the desired behavior result in something unpleasant?

Previous behavior has resulted in something pleasant, i.e., is there a reward for status quo?

Is desired behavior recognized? 

Have people been acting in accordance with the change and not been noticed?

Is there an inflexibility or stubbornness toward the change?


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