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Leadership Boosters: How to Make an Immediate Positive Impact on Those You Lead

This booster guide workbook provides high impact, positive, and practical ways to improve your leadership skills. Whether you are facing challenges in a leadership role, or expect to be promoted and want to hone your skills, or want improvement strategies on how you teach, train and coach others, this guide book can give you information you can use immediately. With this guide, you will learn how to: Develop situational awareness Identify competencies in yourself and others Receive honest feedback on your leadership skills. Become a more confident, competent leader Leading others can be extremely rewarding. Leadership can be learned and enhanced. Through case studies, worksheets, self-assessments, and research-based leadership development knowledge, you can further develop your own leadership skill set. Whether you are a new, experienced, or future leader, you can make a meaningful impact on the people you work with today with this collection of Leadership Boosters.